Hire Me

Feb 7, 2023

I’ve been a professional software developer since the early 2000s and an enthusiastic amateur even longer, and a manager of developers since 2019. I’m also deeply interested in organizational dynamics and group consensus: software, like ourselves, lives in a society, and both serves the needs of and serves to help shape that society.

I’m always interested in hearing from people and organizations that I can help, whether that means coming in for a few days to talk about end-to-end testing or joining your organization full-time to help turn an idea into reality.

I live in and around Toronto. I am more than happy to work remotely, and I can probably help your organization learn to integrate remote work if it doesn’t already know how.

For Fun

I regularly mentor people new to programming, teaching them how to craft working systems. This is less about teaching people to write code and more about teaching them why we care about source control, how to think about configuration, how to and why to automate testing, and how to think about software systems and data flow at a higher level. I strongly believe that software development needs a formal apprenticeship program, and mentoring has done a lot to validate that belief.

Ada Support (2022-2023)

As an engineering manager at Ada, I lead a team of engineers to build an internal platform for chat applications. Our goal was to enable growth into new markets, by making it possible to extend Ada’s product in novel ways based on the needs of new customers.

During my tenure the team set out on building an event processing system based on Kafka, intended to decouple the company’s in-house chat frontend from the response generation services and to become the common interface for other customer service platforms, so that Ada could intervene to assist customers via email, phone, and other services our customers might already be using.

Heroku/Salesforce (2015-2022)

In my time with Heroku (and with Salesforce, Heroku’s parent organization), I’ve contributed to the delivery and operation of services that let developers bring their ideas to life on the internet, both as a developer and as a manager. I’ve been involved in maintaining and expanding existing features, exploring and developing new products, and in cultivating my peers and my team as people and as developers.

FreshBooks (2009-2014)

During the five years I was with the company, it grew from a 20-person one-room organization to a healthy, growing two-hundred-person technology company. As an early employee, I had my hand in many, many projects and helped the development team absorb the massive cultural changes that come with growth, while also building a SaaS product that let others realize their dreams. Some highlights:

Riptown Media (2006-2009)

Riptown Media was an software development company tasked with building and operating a suite of gambling systems for a single client. I was brought on board as a Java developer, and rapidly expanded my role to encompass other fields.

Contact Me

You can get in touch by email at owen@grimoire.ca. I’d love to hear from you.