Why Twitter? Survey

I asked

Twitter frens! Why do you use Twitter?

I got some answers:

everyone I think is cool is good at it - @angusiguess

mostly to rant pointlessly about computers. also to annoy @jdiller and to follow @SwiftOnSecurity

also for creative and hilarious seasonal username changes. - (a locked account)

i'm pretty shy and prefer the intimacy of plausible deniability and public speaking to actually leaving my house. - @aeleitch

it's the_only popular social network with good API access and a commitment to users retaining IP ownership of what they post. - @gnomon

natural selection of interesting URLs - @letoams

It's where I learn about tech, politics and other issues; more than any other place. It's also where I interact with said things.

I also have a lot of people I'm close to here, but in a way that doesn't fit into Facebook. - @jkakar

bitching. Side eye. Drunk posts.

oh. Also cats. - (another locked account)

interesting content slot machine - @blagh