Notes on upgrading Puppet from 2.7 to 3.1



Package Management Sucks

Asking Puppet to upgrade Puppet went wrong on Ubuntu because of the way Puppet is packaged: there are three (ish) Puppet packages, and Puppet's resource evaluation bits try to upgrade and install one package at a time. Upgrading only “puppetmaster” upgraded “puppet-common” but not “puppet,” causing Apt to remove “puppet”; upgrading only “puppet” similarly upgraded “puppet-copmmon” but not “puppetmaster,” causing Apt to remove “puppetmaster.”

The Puppet aptitude provider (which I use instead of apt-get) for Package resources also doesn't know how to tell aptitude what to do with config files during upgrades. This prevented Puppet from being able to upgrade pacakges even when running standalone (via puppet apply).

Finally, something about the switchover from Canonical's Puppet .debs to Puppetlabs' .debs caused aptitude to consider all three packages “broken” after a manual upgrade ('aptitude upgrade puppet puppetmaster'). Upgrading the packages a second time corrected it; this is the path I eventually took with my production puppetmaster and nodes.